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How to safely wipe data from your mobile devices

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla As our most personal devices, mobile phones and tablets carry a lot of personal data which needs to be thoroughly wiped before we replace or retire them.

Could Sling TV in the U.S. spur TV change in Canada?

By Ted Kritsonis

The new Sling TV live television streaming service introduced by Dish Network in the U.S. a month ago isn’t available in Canada, but if successful, it may gain enough traction to force providers here to rethink their current strategies.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10, showcases deeper integration

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft announced its upcoming Windows 10 operating system would be more than a just new desktop software, but rather an integrated platform that will work the same way on phones and tablets. Xbox One fusion and the HoloLens augmented reality headset round out what was the most interesting event for the company in years.

10 apps worth the asking price

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s always easier to try a smartphone or tablet app that’s free to download, but for the most part, those that do cost something don’t go for more than a few dollars. They may not be free, but these paid apps are worth the price of admission.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is tough, but is it necessary?

By Ted Kritsonis

Samsung isn’t shy about trying to offer something for everyone, and that mantra is exemplified in the Galaxy S5 Active, a ruggedized version of the more popular regular iteration of the phone. While it is tough and durable, its niche qualities might seem unnecessary when considering the few differences between them otherwise.