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Facebook looks to virtual reality through acquisition of Oculus

By Ted Kritsonis

Facebook has made yet another high-profile acquisition by announcing yesterday that it will pay $2 billion (U.S.) to bring Oculus into the fold, a company that has made some headlines with its virtual reality technology.

Filing your taxes the neat and tidy way this year

By Ted Kritsonis

The old saying goes that there are only two sure things in life — death and taxes. The April 30 tax deadline looms and it’s expected that more than 75% of Canadians will file their 2013 return electronically this year. If you count yourself among them, you have options to do it with a little less fuss, and some thought into getting organized for upcoming years.

Play with the Jabra Sport Wireless+ Stereo Headset

The buds ‘lock-on’ for the active athlete or fitness buff using the strap and or eargels; I had no issue with anything falling off during average activity, but then again, I did not wear them during my WWE grudge match!!

by Lee Rickwood

Plex may actually transform your home entertainment setup

By Ted Kritsonis

Streaming media within the home has been a liberating feature for anyone who has adopted it and taken full advantage of the convenience the technology provides. One of the most effective programs to do that is Plex, media server software that collects your content and presents it in one of the most effective platforms currently available.