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Review: Sony SmartWatch 3 enters a crowded field

By Ted Kritsonis

Sony’s mobile strategy is expected to be more focused and specific in 2015, and though the SmartWatch 3 is a product from last year, it is meant to right some past wrongs and be part of the company’s plans for mobile relevance in a crowded field.

10 apps worth the asking price

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s always easier to try a smartphone or tablet app that’s free to download, but for the most part, those that do cost something don’t go for more than a few dollars. They may not be free, but these paid apps are worth the price of admission.

Bell gives Toronto Raptors reality show more exposure

By Ted Kritsonis

The Toronto Raptors are not just one of the hottest teams in the current NBA season, the team’s brand is getting a boost from Bell and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which have partnered together on expanding the reach of its behind-the-scenes show called Open Gym.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is tough, but is it necessary?

By Ted Kritsonis

Samsung isn’t shy about trying to offer something for everyone, and that mantra is exemplified in the Galaxy S5 Active, a ruggedized version of the more popular regular iteration of the phone. While it is tough and durable, its niche qualities might seem unnecessary when considering the few differences between them otherwise.

BlackBerry, Samsung partnering on mobile security

By Ted Kritsonis

BlackBerry and Samsung announced a working agreement yesterday that would see the upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Services 12 (BES 12) platform be integrated into Samsung’s Knox business platform.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S shoots for the stars

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

Even the less discerning consumer probably recognizes that Samsung doesn’t seem to be shy in experimenting with its device lineups, and tablets are no exception. The Tab S line, coming in 10.5- and 8.4-inch models, is the most recent and most audacious in its attempt to fight against the dominance of Apple’s iPad. Its ability to compete is made obvious on paper, but it’s the user experience that makes all the difference.

Looking for a smartphone on a budget? Check out this list

By Ted Kritsonis

Flagship smartphones are typically the best on the market, and the cost of entry is high for some, regardless of whether you go on contract or purchase outright. That may make it hard for the budget-conscious to get a high-end device, but there are some affordable options in the mid-range that won’t necessarily break the bank.