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Canadian app Yeplive aims to take chunk of livestreaming pie

By Ted Kritsonis

Periscope and Meerkat have popularized the concept of location-based livestreaming in a big way, and others appear to want to take a bite out of the same pie. Enter Toronto-based Yeplive, a new app aiming to be among the elite.

Review: Asus Zenfone 2 is a great bargain

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

The prospect of paying upwards of $700 or more for a smartphone might seem like a hill too steep to climb, but it doesn’t have to be that way when there are compelling options for much less. The Asus Zenfone 2 only sells outright and unlocked, and packs in a number of features that are on par with handsets available for double the price.

Do you need a smartwatch?

By Ted Kritsonis

Now that the Apple Watch has launched, the spotlight is on a product category that seems to confuse the imagination as much as it captures it. Though all tech gadgets are more ‘wants’ than ‘needs’, it’s hard to gauge whether there is any general desire for smartwatches yet.

6 tech gifts that make sense for Mother’s Day

By Ted Kritsonis

Buying mom a tech gift for Mother’s Day is a challenge to anyone, particularly since the product should be something she didn’t realize she needed or wanted. These five gift options may be among the best — and most useful — suggestions you can find if you’re in the hunt.

Roku refreshes its streaming boxes without changing much

By Ted Kritsonis

The Roku continues to be the little box that could. The streaming device, and the platform that goes with it, has managed to carve out a significant portion of the market. This refreshed version of the Roku 3 doesn’t change a great deal, but if you want the extra features, it’s worth the price of entry.

Choosing between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

A new year means a new crop of flagship smartphones, and among the group of Android handsets, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and HTC’s One M9 are two of the best to choose from. Both are compelling and refined, making the decision more of a practical one.

Is the edge different enough in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

Since Samsung announced it would launch two versions of the Galaxy S6 — a regular “flat” model and the Edge — consumers will have to choose between them. But the only real difference is the latter’s edged display, so what does it do and is it worth the extra $100 asking price?

Canadian MPs Seek Warning Labels on Cellphones, Wi-Fi Devices

“Future research may indicate that long-term human exposure to these particular low-frequency characteristics should be avoided or carefully controlled” a scientist wrote in 1979.
Now, we’re looking at labelling.

by Lee Rickwood