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Is the edge different enough in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

Since Samsung announced it would launch two versions of the Galaxy S6 — a regular “flat” model and the Edge — consumers will have to choose between them. But the only real difference is the latter’s edged display, so what does it do and is it worth the extra $100 asking price?

Prezi’s new app Nutshell visualizes photos with graphics

By Ted Kritsonis

The makers of Prezi, the intuitive presentation software, have launched a mobile app called Nutshell that fuses together photos into a short video filled with text and graphics to add effect. The result can then be shared with others via social media or email and text messaging.

Canadian MPs Seek Warning Labels on Cellphones, Wi-Fi Devices

“Future research may indicate that long-term human exposure to these particular low-frequency characteristics should be avoided or carefully controlled” a scientist wrote in 1979.
Now, we’re looking at labelling.

by Lee Rickwood

How to safely wipe data from your mobile devices

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla As our most personal devices, mobile phones and tablets carry a lot of personal data which needs to be thoroughly wiped before we replace or retire them.

Could Sling TV in the U.S. spur TV change in Canada?

By Ted Kritsonis

The new Sling TV live television streaming service introduced by Dish Network in the U.S. a month ago isn’t available in Canada, but if successful, it may gain enough traction to force providers here to rethink their current strategies.